Camden Door Controls announced that its burglary-resistant electric door strike models CX-ED2079, CX-1079L and CX-ED1079DL are now UL1034 Certified. These ‘Universal’ electric strikes for cylindrical locksets are equipped with three stainless steel faceplates designed for ANSI square, round and wood frames. They're setting the new industry standard for quality, features and affordability.

The CX-ED1079L (low profile, for 5/8" latch projection) and CX-ED1079DL (standard depth, for 3/4" latch projection) 'Universal' Grade 1 ANSI strikes offer 'Universal' performance with selectable 12/24V AC/DC and fail safe/fail secure operation. With easy fit connectors, they offer superior strike quality and performance, with the added value of built-in latch monitoring and three stainless steel faceplates. The CX-ED2079 low profile 'Universal' grade 2 ANSI electric strike provides exceptional value with three faceplates, selectable 12/24V AC/DC voltage, fail safe/fail secure operation and horizontal adjustment of the strike body.

These 'Universal' electric strikes are in stock and supported by a library of product information, including product specification sheets posted on the Camden Web site.

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