This issue features the 22nd annual Top Systems Integrators Report, a ranking of the largest security integrators by their North American systems integration revenue. In addition to the reporting of revenue and other performance data, these integrators have great stories to tell about how they applied the technologies and services they offer to provide incredibly sophisticated and creative solutions for their clients.

Here are just a few of the innovative projects top systems integrators accomplished recently:

Dallas Security Systems Inc. & DSS Fire Inc. (No. 47): Installed access control, CCTV, intrusion detection and intercoms in a multi-million dollar “party barn” for a famous person known worldwide who is on Forbes list of wealthiest Americans. The facility is saturated with security designed to blend in with the architecture.

Mountain Alarm (No. 31): The company is, for the second time, protecting a vital infrastructure for Phoenix, Ariz. It is designing and installing a protection system for the Central Arizona Project, protecting the pumps and control stations for the distribution of water throughout the Phoenix area.

Rapid Security Solutions LLC (No. 87): This project encompassed integrated access control, gate automation and video surveillance at a multi-building high-rise condominium development. It included wireless data transmission between exterior gates and buildings, and near field communication (NFC) credentials for residents within the access control system, including full elevator access control integration.

EMC Security (No. 98): EMC Security recently implemented central station video verification using Avigilon Video Analytics combined with a central station talk-down feature. This project has been deployed at several large commercial and industrial sites.

Integrated Security Technologies (No. 30): Integrated Security Technologies recently completed a large data center project with a unified solution. The scope included video, access control system, door portals, gates, barriers, AV command center, as well as perimeter security fence detection. This was a highly technical, fully integrated system and required performance above and beyond due to the accelerated construction schedule.

Interface Security Systems Holdings Inc. (No. 40): In 2016 Interface Security successfully completed installations of approximately 600 Interface “Interactive Systems” for its client. Interface Interactive is a complete IP-enabled design allowing its Central Command Center in Plano, Texas, to manage real-time voice communication, CCTV, and intrusion systems through one IP endpoint.

iTech Digital Security Solutions (No. 71): iTech Digital provided video surveillance and access control for a national electrical supply house with 14 large distribution centers and 250 local stores around the country. The 250,000-plus square foot distribution center facilities were phase one of this install. All the distribution centers have been completed (60-plus cameras at each location) and the company has installed 12 to 15 of the small stores in high-crime areas. 

Vector Security Inc. (No. 6): Vector Security did an access control system upgrade of a 520-bed, 1.5 million-plus square foot, fully operational Pittsburgh hospital, in addition to several adjacent facilities. This project involved the replacement of more than 85 control panels throughout the facility, in addition to 450 card reader access points and control doors. This also involved the building of a software database incorporating more than 10,000 users with full integration to the main campus facility. Vector held weekly coordination meetings with the hardware manufacturer, hospital IT/security and all necessary Vector Security department managers and project managers.

LVC Companies Inc. (No. 25): LVC installed multiple systems for the State of Minnesota at a correctional hospital facility that included structured cabling, video surveillance with 400 cameras, a video wall, and access control on 100 doors — all integrated to a PLC control system.