PSA announced Enterprise Performance Consulting (EPC) has joined the PSA Business Solutions Program. EPC offers business consulting and operations team training programs to PSA integrators.

EPC delivers customized, well-rounded consulting and training solutions designed to serve various functions within a business to help companies become more competitive and grow their businesses. EPC has established a quantifiable system that starts with gaining support from the CEOs and executive team and follows with training programs to the different job functions within the company to deliver desired results, PSA stated in a press release.

“A company is guided by the executive team, and powered by everyone there. We educate and arm employees with the tools to excel at business, all being team players in the business structure,” said Nadim Sawaya, EPC principal. “Our experiences with these programs have proven to be successful with this approach.”

The consulting workshops are designed to assist the decision-makers in organizing a strategic plan for growth after conducting an overall company evaluation. The training options are customized for each client to match the needs of the management, operations and sales teams and conclude with a follow-up plan to ensure the knowledge and tools established during the sessions are used and the strategic goal is the focus of every employee.

“At PSA, we value all employees and recognize that they are the driving force of a business. EPC has joined our Business Solution Providers because they share that vision and are equipped to help our integrators set their employees up for success,” said Bill Bozeman, president and CEO of PSA. “Achieving a common goal can only be completed if everyone is on the same page and armed with the correct tools. The workshops and trainings that are provided by EPC are extremely useful for companies to motivate and guide their employees down the right path to achievement.”

The PSA Business Solutions program is a suite of value-added resources and services to help enhance integrators’ business models, reduce operating costs and keep them competitive in the marketplace.

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