ZKAccess introduced what it calls the security industry’s first multi-biometric access control device with SilkID technology — the ProBio-ID. It offers the highest level of both security and convenience, all in a single, easily installed stand-alone device. ProBio-ID connects directly to door locks (or panels) no differently than a common keypad or RFID card reader. “ProBio-ID has the unique ability to read faces, fingerprints, RFID cards, PIN codes or any combination of these four credentials,” said ZKAccess’ Larry Reed. Its face recognition camera provides true hands-free access control. ProBio-ID also includes ZKAccess’ next-generation SilkID fingerprint sensor, which provides superior accuracy and speed matching, according to the company. This hands-free access control device provides highly secure yet simple and affordable door access control for all types of customers.
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