3xLOGIC Inc. announced that infinias Google and Microsoft Outlook calendar integration is now available in infinias CLOUD. Users can create exception schedules for their doors simply by booking a calendar invitation in Google or Outlook calendar. Calendar integration requires no user training, so approved staff can easily modify open and close door schedules to accommodate evolving needs and last minute changes. Schedule modifications can also be managed directly from their mobile device.

“This automated scheduling capability is critical for the access control market,” said Bill Hobbs, 3xLOGIC senior director of sales. “Access control users often have schedule interruptions, changes, and one-time events. If the access control system is to be used properly, someone has to program all these exceptions, and with standard access control systems, this has to be done via the software GUI, which requires training in the use of the access control software, thus introducing the chance for costly, even dangerous errors. 3xLOGIC’s calendar integration feature has eliminated the need for additional training and put this ad-hoc scheduling capability into tools that our customers are comfortable with and using every day.”

With infinias calendar integration, there is no need to access the infinias software. Authorized users simply create an event in their Outlook or Google calendar with a beginning and ending date/time, invite the door or zone as a resource, and infinias takes care of all the scheduling work in the background.

Visit www.3xlogic.com for more information.