Throughout the year we ask people to purchase our services, our security products, our monthly monitoring or whatever. So why not give back for a change during the month of December without expecting anything in return? Why would you do such a thing, you ask? Well first off, are you the Grinch? Or possibly a little bit more like Ebenezer Scrooge? Remember, in the end both developed hearts, felt the Christmas Spirit and eventually gave back. What’s more, their generosity came full circle, and earned them the good will of the community.

What can you do to give back to your community? How can you create fun events/involvement for those that have helped your security company to prosper?

Here is what we do: In our downtown each year we hire a local Santa Claus, set up a photo booth, purchase snow machines, and spend around $200 advertising a free picture with Santa. To receive the pictures we ask for people’s email addresses and send it to them free of charge in high-res.

After doing a little bit of research we found some additional great ideas that would help you to give back, too.

For about $300 you can purchase a large blowup projector screen, so why not get that projector out of your conference room and show a free holiday movie? Spice it up! Get a popcorn or cotton candy machine to create a warm and fuzzy feeling for kids to come and watch a movie or two.

Want some more? You can go to your local print shop and inexpensively have them create custom ornaments that your community can hang from their tree, or stockings that they can use on their fireplace.

People love a good story, so create an ad on your Facebook page and boost it to a 10-mile radius of your company’s zip code. Tell your community for every “Like” you get on your Facebook page you’ll donate $1-$5 to a local charity. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

You have all types of equipment at your office right? Well let’s put them to holiday use. Take those ladders, scaffolds, vans, trucks and advertise in your paper, radio or Facebook for free Christmas light installation.

Want to get even more creative? Host a Polar Express-type event where you purchase train rides on a subway or metro line where kids can jump on in their PJ’s for free, on your company, and on the next stop set up a booth or area where they can get hot cocoa and sit on Santa’s lap to tell him everything they want for Christmas.

In all the marketing we have done, giving back to our community surpasses any SEO, PPC or direct mail campaign that we have ever implemented.

Now, remember how we mentioned that with the Grinch and Ebenezer Scrooge they always came full circle?

The idea with the Santa and free pictures will allow you to create an email program to sell your products to all those parents. The ornaments or stockings with your company name on them create brand awareness. Donate to a local organization for every like on your Facebook page, and now you have hundreds or potentially thousands of potential customers that remember you by the great thing you did.

The point is, by giving back this season you’ll not only create memories that will be remembered by the children and families, but be known as the company that cared enough about the community and actually gave back. Now, who do you think these people will call when they’re ready for a home security system?

Until next year, muchachos. Happy Holidays! We look forward to creating articles you’ll want to read in 2018.