BlockMaster Electronics announced that its line of Clear Connects push-in wire connectors, which offer a fast and easy alternative to traditional twist-on wire connectors, is now available for LED lighting applications. The new WPC300 series connectors are ideal for the popular LED lighting systems being installed and retrofitted today. Clear Connects are easy to use and their transparency provides visual confirmation for a perfect connection every time, the company described. They also come with a strip guide so you know the proper length to strip your wire. The connectors accept solid and tinned stranded wire 22-12 AWG, and have a built-in slot for access to test the circuit. Lighting is not the only application for WPC300 Clear Connects. Other applications include security systems, appliances, heating elements, and more. Clear Connects are made with highly conductive copper. They are color-coded for easy identification and “touch-safe,” with wires safely shrouded by the connector housing.

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