3xLOGIC and Sonitrol of Evansville are working to provide highly effective security protection for all of Hutson Inc’s John Deere dealerships located in Kentucky and Tennessee.

Hutson Inc. is a John Deere dealership with 13 locations. The initial site Hutson focused on in Paducah, KY, has a display lot of over 88,000 square feet and a building with more than 14,000 square feet. At the Paducah location, Hutson decision-makers wanted to protect their building inside and out, during business hours and after hours.

Sonitrol of Evansville was able to secure the buildings with impact-activated audio on a network-based panel and a video surveillance system from 3xLOGIC. Sonitrol Security Consultant Andrew Beitler designed a system with outdoor protection; a burglar and intrusion alarm system; and a verified 3xLOGIC CCTV solution that would work by arming just one keypad, which in turn arms the three combined systems.

3xLOGIC cameras are installed at all 13 locations, inside and outdoors, for a total of more than 100 cameras spread throughout all the dealerships. The video verification alarm function is triggered in two ways: yard cord looped throughout display equipment or motion detection located at fence perimeters. The yard cord system is like extension cords looped through the equipment. When a connection is broken along the cord an alarm is triggered signaling the Sonitrol monitoring station, explained Jim Gilliam, safety and compliance manager for Hutson.

Hutson has methodically been installing and improving security at their 13 locations for the last number of years. “We’ve had some incidents over the years and the system works great,” Gilliam said. “We can look at the system’s activity log and using the 3xLOGIC Smart Search feature tell exactly where the potential perpetrator came from and the path they took through the yard. When equipment goes missing, we almost always get it back. Our cameras provide us with pictures of the perpetrators as well as images of their vehicles, and of course, when video verification is tripped, we have live monitoring of what is going on. We give that information to the police, which leads to arrests — I’m very happy with the system.”

Indoor cameras are focused on cash drawers. “We’ve had incidents with stolen credit cards and we can pick up their faces. Our cameras are synced, so we see them at the cash register, then we can follow them outside to identify their car,” Gilliam said. “Another huge advantage of 3xLOGIC’s video verification and Sonitrol’s live monitoring is to cut down on false alarms. This is critical to freeing up law enforcement to focus on real bad guys, instead of wasting time chasing alarms caused by the wind, animals, or any other false trigger.”