Z-Wave Products, a provider of smart, connected devices built using the Z-Wave protocol, announced the appointment of Mark Walters to CEO. 

In this new position, Walters will be responsible for developing and executing the company’s enhanced strategic direction, Z-Wave reported in a press release. This includes initiatives such as:

  • expanding the company’s stable of value-added services — such as kitting and pre-configuration — to become the most trusted industry resource and partner for Z-Wave installers and dealers;
  • introducing innovative new products to complement the existing selection of certified Z-Wave devices; and
  • continuing the growth of the online business, offering the best value and optimal customer service to expand the company’s consumer base.

Walters brings a wealth of experience to his new role, including high-visibility leadership positions in numerous high-tech companies, industry alliances, and governmental projects. He has an impressive record of creating technology-based products and solutions that facilitate sustainable growth, propel multimillion-dollar revenue gains and generate traction in highly competitive international markets, the company described

Walters chaired the initial committee for home control within the Continua Health Alliance, an international non-profit industry group of healthcare providers and related companies aiming to develop a system for delivering personal and individual healthcare. He was also a co-captain of the SmartAmerica Challenge team as a part of the White House Presidential Innovation Fellows project. His team presented a Smart City IoT solution for Closed Loop Healthcare to White House staff and members of Congress in June 2014.

“Capitalizing on my years of expertise and connections within the Z-Wave design and manufacturing community, we will focus on bringing value-added Z-Wave products and solutions to market — like our advanced Z-Wave Toolbox to install and troubleshoot Z-Wave networks efficiently and profitably — and expand Z-Wave Products’ position as the leading provider of Z-Wave devices and services,” he said. “We will also help the dealer and installer communities become more knowledgeable about the growing capabilities and functionality of the Z-Wave ecosystem, allowing them to provide greater value to their customers and expand their revenue streams.”