Uniview launched a new generation of StarView series cameras at its Global Partner Summit. The upgraded StarView series cameras kept their great night performance and enhanced to a higher resolution compared with the original generation of StarView cameras. The StarView series, which includes 5MP IP cameras, enables higher resolution with excellent Starlight illumination sensibility. UNV StarView series redefines starlight by minimum illumination. UNV 5MP StarView series include IK10 dome, eyeball and bullet, which are IPC3235ER3-DUVZ, IPC3635ER3-DUPZ and IPC2325EBR5-DUPZ. The motorized lens is customized; the focal length is 5X, from 2.7 to 13.5 mm. The iris of the lens is constant as F1.2 to ensure starlight illumination. Uniview also launched a 2MP series, including motorized models, the IK10 dome, eyeball and the bullet.
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