Study Studio Park is a new student accommodation complex in Breda, Netherlands. Each studio apartment includes a spacious room and en-suite, with access to a communal garden and shared facilities.

Frans Vinju, the representative for Conceptual Recidences who designed and constructed the site, explained that there was a lack of affordable housing solutions for students in the city. “With Study Studio Park we wanted to provide a building that would be valuable to the city, and offer affordable housing to the large number of students,” he said.

Conceptual Recidences requested an access control solution that would secure the main entrance and the individual studios, with the ability to monitor who was on site at any time.

“We wanted to ensure that only authorized users could access the site, and we needed full visibility of what is happening on the grounds,” Vinju explained. “The new system would need to make it easy to find out who was on site in the event of an incident.”

Study Studio Park also required an intercom system that incorporated keyless entry, allowing them to move away from traditional locks and keys to electronically secure the premises and reduce costs in the future.

Security solution specialists Alert Systems recommended a fully integrated access control and video door entry system from Paxton. The new solution combines Net2, Paxton’s flagship access control solution with Net2 Entry, Paxton’s door entry system.

Onno Bal, owner of Alert Systems, said: “After hearing the requirements for Study Studio Park, I quickly decided on Paxton products, which are simple and intuitive, making them ideal for everyday use.”

All 224 studio apartments have been fitted with a Net2 Entry Monitor, which provides the students with the ability to see their visitors before granting them access. On the main entrance to the site, the new Net2 Entry Touch panel was installed. The touch panel is the latest addition to Paxton’s door entry range, featuring a quality 7-inch color touch screen with a variety of customization options.

A Net2 proximity long range reader was fitted at the entrance to the car park to enable authorized users to enter the site without leaving their car.

Conceptual Recidences is pleased with how its new access control solution has improved security. The system gives extra piece of mind, logging all access events that occur on site, including all calls made via the Net2 Entry Touch panel and each time a token is presented to a reader for access, providing a full audit trail of those on-site.