Over the last few months, Altronix Corporation and Digital Monitoring Products (DMP) have been discussing a way to better serve mutual customers who have asked for a way to centralize the power supply and sub-assemblies for access control. In response to their customers’ requests, the two manufacturers are pleased to announce that Altronix has expanded its offering of Trove Access and Power Integration Solutions to include an enclosure and backplane that accommodates DMP access control products.
“We are honored to be among the preferred access control suppliers for the Altronix Trove,” said DMP’s Director of Product Management and Support Brad Tucker. “We try to do what our customers ask of us.” 

Altronix National Sales Engineer Ronnie Pennington, added, “In working to achieve the same positive results, we both want to give our customers the best solution available. We have many mutual customers who’ve requested us to add DMP to our integration solutions, and we take pride in offering solutions to those customers that make their jobs easier.”
Depending on your requirements, the Altronix enclosures for DMP modules are available in two sizes: the Trove2, designed for larger applications, or the Trove1, a more compact version for smaller applications. Each of these have customized backplanes to accommodate DMP’s 734 Wiegand Interface Module or 734N Network Wiegand Interface Module, giving you the powerful built-in access control capability of DMP panels.

“When it comes to meeting customers’ needs, it’s all about giving them options,” Tucker added. “Our dealers have always had the flexibility of mounting our 734 access control modules at the door or in a central location. Now, in cases where they’re replacing an existing system, this allows them to accommodate many of our access control modules, all in a secure enclosure.”
Altronix has further simplified the process by offering a free online Trove System Design Tool. This is helpful in designing a system with DMP access controllers, integrating Altronix power supply/chargers and accessories.
Visit www.altronix.com for more information.