Qognify is introducing a Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) based solution, featuring pre- or auto-configured components, to minimize the time and cost of implementation, reducing the time for the security organization to gain value from this unified operational system.

Compared to standard PSIM solutions, Qognify ISM takes away much of the configuration drain associated with complex PSIM projects, the company described. Newly introduced automation tools, provide simplicity for the operator and optimized security operation, after the implementation phase, generating much of the security value through smart technology, pre-configuration and adaptive integrations.

Qognify ISM is part of Qognify’s Packaged Solutions, a library of pre-designed and pre-configured bundled solutions to address common and specific security-related challenges. Using the intelligent capabilities of the Qognify portfolio, Situator, VisionHub, video and data analytics, and its newly introduced Access Control Insights, Qognify Packaged Solutions provide organizations with access to powerful capabilities, with minimal installation and faster deployment.

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