3xLOGIC Inc. announced that Northwest Church of Christ in Dayton, Ohio was broken into recently and Sonitrol of SW Ohio, using technology from 3xLOGIC, worked with local law enforcement to apprehend the intruder and prevent damage or theft from the facility.

The church is located in a rough part of town, with a large homeless population. Church of Christ has installed multi-sensor devices connected to the Sonitrol central station to provide an active, visible deterrent to break-ins. Unfortunately, the church was undergoing renovations and someone left a door unlocked.

Immediately upon entering, the perpetrator was detected by the multi-sensor devices and the Sonitrol operator was able to verify the intrusion within seconds using motion, video, and audio sensors and then contact the dispatcher for local law enforcement. The church is a large building with many entrances, so responding police officers needed all the assistance they could get. The central station operator provided a steady stream of information updates to ensure real-time coordination with the law enforcement officers on the scene. The operator was able to guide the police to the suspect’s exact location, give a description of the suspect, and facilitate an apprehension before there was any damage or loss of assets.

In addition to the multi-sensor devices, the church has a number of 3xLOGIC outdoor cameras tied to a VIGIL NVR. “This was a great success story,” said Alison Shiver, marketing manager, Sonitrol SW Ohio. “The church was quite pleased with this apprehension, because it sends a clear message to the neighborhood: ‘Don’t mess around, you’re going to get caught!’”