Hyatt Guns, the largest gun specialty store in the U.S., has deployed 3xLOGIC thermal cameras to significantly increase security for the store. Sonitrol Carolinas installed the thermal cameras and oversees video monitoring of the cameras and other ongoing needs.


Hyatt Guns, located in Charlotte, N.C., features more than 7,000 guns in stock on any given day. After opening its doors in 1959, its been in the same location and remains a family business to this day with three generations of the Hyatt family working there.


Larry Hyatt chose 3xLOGIC cameras to increase surveillance capability for his shop’s perimeter and surrounding real estate. “I don’t want a picture of the guy that broke into my store, I want to catch the guy,” Hyatt said in outlining his clear security goals.


“Our camera feeds go straight to the Sonitrol monitoring company, that gives us the edge. The way the bad guys are doing crime, they know after breaking in that they have a number of minutes before the police arrive. Thermal cameras with around-the-clock monitoring give us a timing edge,” Hyatt explained.


The 3xLOGIC thermal cameras were installed at Hyatt Guns in June 2016. “We’ve had numerous positive alarms; Sonitrol Carolinas confirms movement and calls the police,” Hyatt reports. “We were using regular video surveillance but it was no good at night. Thermal cameras are a great prevention tool.


“Gun stores are a high-priority target for crime, and we wanted the best system available. In the firearms industry, part of our licensing requirement is that we have to be responsible businesspeople and not let any of these guns out of our store without proper vetting. We’ve got a huge responsibility to make sure these guns do not get into the wrong hands.”


Hyatt is very satisfied with the current system. “When the cameras trigger, I get the call too, and I can help prevent false alarms. We need to keep the false alarms to a minimum so we can help the police increase their effectiveness and efficiency. These thermal cameras are a great product, I can sleep at night knowing we’re protected, and that they’re not going to call me unless it’s important. 3xLOGIC and Sonitrol Carolinas has saved me many a trip to the store at 3:00 a.m.,” Hyatt concluded.


The 3xLOGIC thermal cameras have served Hyatt Guns so well, they’re looking at expanding the number of thermal cameras to provide coverage to new areas around the store. That way, they are always staying one step ahead of the bad guys.