OpenEye released of version 1.4 of OpenEye Web Services (OWS). Now more powerful than ever, OWS has added new integrations, spot monitor functionality, support for an HD analog retrofit solution, and advanced camera management.

Updates in the latest version of OpenEye Web Services give users more control over who can access cameras with advanced camera management at the user group level instead of global settings managed on each individual recorder. New alarm panel and central station integrations in OWS give users more ways to access their video and the new thumbnail report gives them a quick and easy way to check on their business to drive sales or manage compliance.

The spot monitor functionality works with a new stand-alone Windows-based application developed by OpenEye and lets users connect up to two monitors over local, LAN or WAN connections for local live monitoring. Together with OpenEye’s new MA-Series hybrid recorder, OWS v1.4 supports a retrofit solution for existing analog camera installations to take advantage of the features of OWS and add high definition cameras without the cost of running new cables.

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