Agent Video Intelligence (Agent Vi) and VIVOTEK, announced that, together, they will leverage Amazon Kinesis Video Streams to present end-to-end surveillance solutions that allow uploading, storing, managing and analyzing surveillance footage on Amazon Web Services (AWS). The solution relies on the utilization of Amazon Kinesis Video Streams with VIVOTEK cameras and Agent Vi’s video analytics cloud SaaS, innoVi.

Through this integration, the video feed captured by VIVOTEK cameras is fed to Amazon Kinesis Video Streams, which in turn securely ingests and stores video for processing and analytics. Agent Vi’s innoVi then analyzes the video streams to enable automatic detections and sends alerts for events of interest.

The Agent Vi-VIVOTEK solution is applicable to a wide range of surveillance applications, from mass market smart home applications, to enterprise security, large scale Smart City applications and more.

“This solution will allow users to easily connect cameras anywhere in the world directly to AWS and immediately benefit from the power of Agent Vi’s enterprise-grade video analytics. The deployment simplicity saves the need for local storage or any additional hardware or software, making this solution ideal for any market from Smart Home to Smart City,” commented Itsik Kattan, CEO of Agent Vi.

“We are excited to be partnering with Agent Vi to bring this end-to-end solution of enabling VIVOTEK cameras to connect to AWS and transform them into intelligent devices with the help of Agent Vi’s powerful deep learning technology and analytics,” said David Liu, president of VIVOTEK USA Inc.  “VIVOTEK’s direct utilization of Amazon Kinesis Video Streams allows our video analytics partners and developers to easily access and process video data in real-time anywhere in the world.”

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