Fire Away: an International Fire Code Refresher

All Answers relate to NFPA 70, 2017 Edition

1. Which one of the following sections of the IFC outline provisions for fire alarm and detection systems?
A. 300
B. 760
C. 907
D. Chapter 7
2. The IRC requires at least one manual fire alarm box in systems dedicated to elevator recall control and supervisory service.
3. A minimum of one manual fire alarm box shall be provided in an approved location to initiate a fire alarm signal for fire alarm systems employing ______ or water-flow detection devices.
A. Tamper Switches
B. Sprinklers
C. Automatic Fire Detectors
D. Halon Equipment
4. Construction documents for fire alarm systems shall be of sufficient clarity to indicate  ______.
A. location, nature and extent of the work
B. name, address and contact information for the fire alarm contractor
C. occupancy, group and floor plan
D. floor plan, annunciators and battery calculations
Feedback: 907.1.1
5. According to the IFC, upon completion of the installation, the fire alarm system and all fire alarm components shall be tested in accordance with ______.
A. section 1058 Testing of Fire Alarm Systems
B. the provisions in Table 907.
C. the fire official’s rules and regulations
D. NFPA 72
Feedback: 907.2
6. Activation of the fire alarm in Group A occupancies with an occupancy load of ______ or more shall initiate a signal using an emergency voice/alarm communications system.
A. 300
B. 600
C. 1,000
D. 2,000
7. One exception to the requirement to have a manual fire alarm system in Group E occupancies is when the occupant load is ______.
A. 100 or more
B. 50 or less
C. 30 or less
D. It’s always required in Group E occupancies
8. Airport traffic control towers require an automatic smoke detection system that activates audible appliances within the control tower cab at least ______ dBA above the ambient sound level.
A. 15
B. 75
C. 110
D. None are to be installed in this location
Feedback: 907.2.22
9. Lumber, wood structural panel and veneer mills shall be provided with ______.
A. an approved automatic sprinkler system
B. an approved supervised automatic sprinkler system
C. a fire alarm system
D. a manual fire alarm system
10. According to the IFC, a pre-signal feature shall not be installed unless approved by whom?
A. the fire code official
B. the ICC
C. the insurance company
D. the building department
11. Audible appliances shall provide ______ dBA above ambient sound level or ______ dBA above the maximum sound level having a duration of at least 60 seconds.
A.15 / 75
B. 15 / 5
C. 5 / 15
D. 30 / 15
12. Emergency voice/alarm communications systems shall be provided with ______ emergency power source.
A. a battery backup sufficient for four hours
B. an approved
C. a redundant 
D. an NFPA 72 compliant
Feedback: 907.
13. Detection and control systems shall be clearly marked at all junctions, accesses and terminations with red paint. The paint may be factory or field applied.
A. True
B. False
Feedback: 909.14
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Post-Quiz Extra: Can you identify?

The IFC, in the appendix, provides the requirements for a Building Information Sign. In the sample below, identify what the indications mean in each of the five sections of the sign.

2012_IFC-July 2018

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Top Wing – Construction Type; Right Wing – Fire Protection Systems; Bottom Wing – Occupancy Type; Left Wing – Hazards of Content; Center Circle – Tactical Considerations