SecuraTrac, a provider of mobile health and safety solutions focused on senior safety, employee well-being and the healthcare industry, announces its MobileDefender Model S (MD-S) is now integrated into the EMERgency24 Mass Notification system. Users of EMERgency24 will now have new channels of communication during an emergency via the MD-S device.

When a Mass Notification System (MNS) message is disseminated to a group of subscribers or employees maintained in a list or database, the messages are one-way communication. Information about an incident is by nature of the system delayed and potentially inaccurate. Integrating the MD-S into the EMERgency24 system enables organizations to incorporate more detail in the event of an emergency because there can be a two-way dialogue about the event.

“The SecuraTrac MobileDefender device meshes seamlessly with EMERgency24’s Incident Command and Communication portal, which is a hub for security directors and first responders to send and receive information to and from building occupants during a weapons event or other severe situations,” said Kevin McCarthy, EMERgency24’s national sales manager. “It provides mobile-activation capability of our mass-notification system that enables easy access to on-site video feeds, which are accessible via interactive floor plans with the click of a mouse on a desktop computer or your thumb if using a cellular device.”

McCarthy explained that EMERgency24 alarm contractors can use the MobileDefender mPERS device for a wide-range of applications, including senior monitoring, executive-level personal security and guard services, among other uses. “Supporting SecuraTrac gives our alarm contractors the ability to satisfy the diverse needs of their customers with custom applications.”

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