Delta Scientific announced that the longest operating and only remaining studio in Hollywood has implemented Delta Scientific's bollards and beam barricades to keep visitors and staff free from harm of terrorists and errant drivers. The 100 year-old facility features 30 stages throughout Paramount Studios’ 65-acre complex. Perimeter Security Group installed the high security equipment at five different locations. 

“Paramount Studios asked us to create an aesthetically pleasing solution that would stop unauthorized vehicle entry at these five places but would still let production vehicles through when needed,” said Troy Blood, senior physical security professional at Perimeter Security Group. “With all the news of terrorists using vehicles as weapons against people, Paramount Studios recognized that they, too, could be a high profile target. We reviewed their facilities and vulnerabilities and recommended a combination of Delta's TT212 beam barricade and DSC800 high security bollards. Paramount wanted the job done quickly and at night so we wouldn't disturb tourists or shoots.”

The high-strength wire rope of the TT212 beam barricade will stop a large or fast-moving vehicle weighing 6,000 pounds at 40 mph (2722 kg at 64 kph). Paramount Studios also selected Delta's stylish manually operated DSC800 crash rated bollards for those areas in which vehicle passages are infrequent. The DSC800 will stop a 15,000 pound vehicle at 30 mph (6804 kg at 48 kph). 

“Versus hydraulic or pneumatic operation, manually-operated bollards were especially cost effective for this application because they were used in locations where they would seldom be lowered,” Blood said. “As a result, this expedited installation because there were no motors or power to contend with and also eliminated the need to work with any additional trades, such as electrical. All we needed to do was to make the barriers plumb”