Allot Communications Ltd., a provider of network intelligence and security solutions for service providers and enterprises worldwide, released findings from its latest Telco Security Trends Report that examines the confidence of Internet of Things (IoT) device security by consumers living in connected homes. The report reveals that consumers have low confidence in the security of their IoT devices and are willing to pay extra for security to safeguard the connected home. The report also highlights an opportunity for ISPs to deliver on-target cybersecurity services to subscribers at the network/router level.

Based on anonymous data gathered from 1,261 consumers in 10 countries, the Telco Security Trends Report examines which IoT devices are being used and how often; what level of awareness consumers have of security threats to these devices; and the level of confidence consumers have in their device security. The report also covers how much consumers are willing to spend on IoT device security services.

For example, the report finds that:

·        There is an average of 8.4 connected devices per home, with smartphones and tablets making up the majority of that number.

·        Half (50%) of the respondents are aware of threats to their IoT devices and 20% of respondents are unequivocally satisfied with the built-in security of connected devices.

·        The top three consumer concerns around IoT device security issues are loss of privacy (28%), over-reliance on technology (26%), and cyber attack (22%).

·        Seventy-four percent (74%) of consumers report awareness of and concern about connected toys that could be hacked and used to spy on and communicate with children.

·        Seventy-two (72%) percent of respondents are willing to pay a monthly fee, averaging $5.26, for security services.

“The Allot research points to a marked improvement in consumer awareness of security risks with IoT,” said Patrick Donegan, principal analyst with cybersecurity analyst firm, HardenStance. “The question now is who can build the most viable business models for addressing this opportunity?”

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