Smart thermal cameras from SightLogix are being used to protect the Louvre Abu Dhabi museum on Saadiyat Island, located alongside Abu Dhabi’s coast. The smart thermal intruder detection system has been providing waterside security around this innovative architectural facility since opening to the public in 2017.

The security demands of the Louvre Abu Dhabi go well beyond most other cultural sites. Many of France’s most famous institutions have lent art to the high-profile museum. Along with protecting the valuable collections, any security event at the site would create significant damage to the security reputation of the UAE itself. For these reasons, the deployed systems must perform at extremely high levels of reliability, while minimizing disruption to the visitor experience and museum operations. 

“At SightLogix, our mission has always been to provide world-class security solutions,” said John Romanowich, president and CEO of SightLogix. “It is an honor to be associated with a building of such cultural prestige and international significance.”

Given its location between sand and sea, the Louvre Abu Dhabi presented a very difficult security challenge that was easily solved by SightLogix. SightSensor smart thermal cameras provide volumetric coverage over water and do not require fences or clearly defined perimeters. They detect intruders with great accuracy, even in the presence of reflections and water movement, which normally trigger a high number of nuisance alerts for smart camera analytics. The SightSensor’'s precision video processing automatically analyzes the scene to determine security threats and communicates critical information about an intrusion’s size, speed and location that allow guards to respond in real time.

At the Louvre Abu Dhabi, thermal SightSensor detection cameras create a wide buffer zone of security over the surrounding body of water, detecting the presence of all watercraft, including jet skis or rubber dinghies, approaching the facility or even crossing the bay at up to 600 meters away. When any target violates speed or distance rules, it is detected by a SightSensor, which sends an alarm, video of the event, and the target’s precise GPS location for display in CNL Software’s IPSecurityCenter PSIM. This early warning detection system provides onsite security guards with instantaneous awareness of approaching intruders allowing time to analyze the video, determine the threat, and react.