Guardian Alarm, a Detroit-based security services provider, and one of the nation’s largest independently-owned security companies, has been listed as an approved vendor for Project Green Light Detroit. The safety initiative, a first of its kind, is a public-private-community partnership led by the Detroit Police Department (DPD) and combines community policing with visual verification capabilities using video surveillance equipment provided by vendors like Guardian Alarm.

Guardian Alarm supports Project Green Light by providing the required high-definition (1080p) indoor and outdoor security cameras that transfer live surveillance footage from local businesses directly to the Detroit Police Department. This real-time safety monitoring has been used to improve neighborhood safety, promote revitalization and local business growth, and strengthen DPD’s efforts to deter, identify, and solve crime across the Detroit area. 

“Guardian Alarm has been providing peace of mind through professional monitoring of homes and businesses here in Detroit for the past eight decades,” said Tom Erhardt, president and COO, Guardian Alarm. “We are honored to partner with DPD and the city of Detroit on this innovative partnership that directly aligns with our culture to improve the lives of our customers and the safety of our community. We couldn’t be prouder to provide affordable video surveillance options that can make Project Green Light a reality for more of the Detroit business community.”

DPD debuted Project Green Light with eight initial businesses in 2016. Since then, the program has grown to include more than 400 businesses and has already shown results in the area of improving community safety. According to the Project Green Light website, violent crime incidents have been reduced by 23 percent year-to-date across all participating sites. Among the original eight participating sites, incidents of violent crime dropped by 48 percent in 2018, as compared to the number of incidents that occurred in 2015 prior to joining Project Green Light.

“It was our relentless commitment to our community that led us to support Project Green Light and help grow the number of participating businesses,” said Jason Tague, director of business development and strategic accounts at Guardian Alarm. “We are an established security brand with around 6,000 commercial customers in the city of Detroit. We’ve been connecting our existing Guardian Alarm customers with the initiative to improve safety across the community and help Project Green Light achieve its goal of 500 participating businesses.”

Project Green Light has positively impacted the safety of hundreds of local businesses and organizations, including the Don Bosco Hall Community Center in Detroit. The non-profit organization partnered with Guardian Alarm to equip its 71-year-old building with the technology required to participate in the program.

“We decided to participate in Project Green Light because we wanted to make an investment in our community,” said Steve Wasko, director of the Don Bosco Hall Community Center and Project Green Light participant. “Guardian Alarm was a true partner from beginning to end, helping us fully leverage the technology. Because of the age of our building, Guardian Alarm overcame structural and installation challenges, and they were able to customize the product solutions to meet our needs. Our participation in Project Green Light sends a message that this facility is operated by folks who care and want to go the extra mile for the community.”

Erhardt added, “Building sustainable business practices that differentiate our service and improve the communities we live in is a foundation of our culture. We pride ourselves in being involved in the communities we share with our customers. It helps us to better understand our customer’s needs.”