A Manufacturing giant in Maharashtra has the distinct mark of making India’s first Diesel engine and iron mold ploughs. The company’s legacy dates to 1922. This company is the reason behind a new wave of industrialization in some of the towns in Maharashtra while preserving their rich heritage.

The company is spread across a wide area, employing more than three thousand people. Being an established and trusted brand, maintaining quality is crucial; therefore, every area needs to be under surveillance. The company required cameras that would produce good quality images and that could cover a greater area.

In addition, the company is divided into various branches, which are located at various places in Satara. This gave rise to the need for a centralized solution from which all other sites could be monitored at one time.

To cover the large monitoring area, Matrix provided IP bullet and dome cameras that have greater field of view. Various cameras were installed at different locations such as reception areas, canteens, entrances, production areas, etc. For storing the streamed videos, Matrix offered network video recorders, featuring adaptive recording to aid in storing more data in a defined space. Moreover, it has intelligent video analytics, which were also applied. Instant notifications and alerts ensured real-time security of the premises.