Hikvision USA has partnered with the Sunset Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles to provide a security solution for round-the-clock surveillance. Located on the bustling Sunset Strip, the hotel had a great need for versatile, user-friendly cameras and recorders that allowed their staff to keep an eye on the premises at all times. A variety of Hikvision models now protect the hotel guests and serve as powerful tools to keep hotel operations running smoothly.


The hotel had outgrown their legacy analog system and was hoping to upgrade to cameras that provided broad coverage and high-quality images in a variety of interior and exterior environments. It was also important that the interface for the security system was easy for employees to learn.


When planning to upgrade their video surveillance system from analog to IP, the Sunset Plaza Hotel needed something that allowed for a lot of coverage in various environments around the premises, cameras that could supply high-quality images, and an interface that was easy for employees to learn. 


 “We wanted something that we could use from an operational standpoint and from a safety standpoint,” explained Brenda Elias, operations manager for the Sunset Plaza.


Constantin Paul Bunea, the founder and CEO of Darkcad Tec, had been serving as systems integrator for the hotel for 10 years. He knew it was time for the hotel to upgrade from analog to IP, and he knew that Hikvision was the brand that would meet their needs.


“I selected Hikvision cameras because the quality is very high, third party integration is easy, and the company provides excellent technical support.” Bunea stated.


Darkcad Tec installed over 20 3 MP cameras from Hikvision throughout the hotel, covering interiors such as hallways, conference rooms, and meeting rooms, and exterior locations as well. The DS-2CD2232-I5 bullet offers digital WDR and a weatherproof rating of IP66, ideal for the outdoor swimming pool.The DS-2CD2332-I turret, with image quality clear enough to make out license plates, is being used in the parking garage. A 3 MP fisheye camera, the DS-2CD6332FWD-I, allows for a 360 deg. view of the main entrance. Cameras such as the DS-2CD2132F-I dome are being used at other hotel entrances, where HD real-time video is essential.

“In some instances, we needed to address customer concerns by reviewing surveillance footage, so footage that was easy to retrieve was essential,” Elias commented. Whether retrieving recorded footage or viewing what’s happening in real time, the surveillance system is boosting the efficiency of the Sunset Plaza team from an operational standpoint. In situations where live viewing is crucial, the cameras allow the hotel staff to easily keep tabs on the entire premises. Cameras positioned at building entrances give the staff more control over who comes and goes. The new surveillance cameras also offer a significant improvement in image quality compared to what was in use before. Staff communicating with each other about what they see on camera can now describe in detail what people are wearing, helping them assist their guests. 

“Before we weren’t able to clearly see what was happening, but now the images are very good at night and during the day,” Elias said. 

Future additions to the video surveillance system at the Sunset Plaza will assist the hotel with public relations. 

“We intend to use Value Series PTZ cameras mounted to the exterior of the building to display live feeds of Sunset Boulevard on the hotel website,” Bunea added.