Orion Entrance Control Inc. has partnered with HID Global and Essex Electronics to create a new solution to improve performance and ensure compatibility of the Essex iROX-T reader in high security turnstiles.

Orion designs and manufactures state-of-the-art access control technology including security SpeedLane turnstile products and software. The Essex Electronics iROX-T turnstile reader is a multi-frequency, multi-technology, low profile reader designed to solve the concealment challenge and enable streamlined upgrades to higher security turnstile applications. It provides maximum read range and supports numerous low and high frequency smartcards, including HID’s Seos breakthrough credential technology for advanced security.

“Orion Entrance Control Inc. has partnered with Essex in developing a custom turnstile reader that addresses an industry-wide issue with the HID Seos technology in turnstiles,” said Chuck Waldron, Orion’s operations manager. “In addition to the standard iROX-T Turnstile reader, Essex also offers a custom flush-mount reader with optional personalized logo and integrated lane status indicator LED functionality. This custom reader is available for Orion Turnstiles. This reader provides improved functionality with an aesthetic edge,”

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