Today, Richmond Alarm Company (RAC) announced the grand opening of its new Chesapeake office in Hampton Roads located at 814 Greenbrier Circle, Suite N, Chesapeake, Va. on April 25, 10 a.m.-1 p.m. The event will include visits from Chesapeake Mayor Richard West as well members of the Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce. 

The new offices are a sign of RAC’s expanding footprint in the region. Although RAC has had a presence in Hampton Roads for over 40 years, in 2018, RAC tripled growth, bringing new safety and security services to the community, and with it, new jobs to the region. 

Marshall Bays, residential sales manager for Richmond Alarm Company said, “We are glad to host a community that has given us so much, and we look forward to doing more. You might say we are growing at ‘an alarming rate’ in Hampton Roads." 

The event is open to the public. First Responders, educators, serving military and veterans are especially encouraged to attend, as RAC wishes to express its appreciation for all of those who sacrifice to make the Hampton Roads community a safe and happy place.