The Honeywell Home SiXCOMBO detector is easy for dealers to install, and can provide part of an important life-safety solution. The SiXCOMBO utilizes the encrypted SiX two-way wireless technology for an increased level of security. With the one-go-all-go feature enabled, if a sensor in the basement detects danger and begins to sound, all sensors across that home will sound as well. The central station is automatically alerted. To ensure continued protection, the system does an automatic performance check every 200 sec. In addition to a built-in sounder, the multi-lingual voice alerts the occupant of the threat and announces what action should be taken. A multi-color LED provides a visual alert. Using a number of sensors, the SiXCOMBO can distinguish between a real fire and a nuisance issue, such as burning toast. An infrared (IR) flame sensor measures ambient light levels and flame signatures, while thermal detection monitors temperature. The 10-year lifespan helps provide years of reliable service. 

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