Pre-installed with Wavestore’s VMS, PetaBlok is designed to provide a simple-to-implement and cost-effective solution for the increasing number of video surveillance projects which require multi-megapixel images captured by high numbers of cameras to be stored over long periods of time, with lightning fast search and video recall. It is available in various sizes from 48 HDD bays (480TB) taking up 8U of space, to 204 HDD bays (2.04PB) accommodated within 16U. This enables each PetaBlok to store images captured by more than 235 4K resolution cameras in real time for 120 days. Users have the option to add failover, as well. Wavestore’s HyperRAID architecture performs much faster than traditional RAID methods and provides up to N+2 redundancy (RAID 5 or RAID 6), or with HyperRAID Plus, up to N+5 redundancy. 

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