IntraLogic Solutions, a facility security technology company headquartered on Long Island, NY, recently completed the design and installation of the Town of Brookhaven’s $961,000 Public Safety Communications Center. The center was built to enhance the town’s ability to communicate more effectively with other municipalities as well as with county and state agencies. The need for enhanced communications was identified following Superstorm Sandy, which took place in October of 2012. The new state-of-the-art, high-tech communications center makes it easy for the town’s public safety officials and dispatchers to communicate with other municipalities, including local fire and EMS departments and agencies from outside the area, as well as other emergency officials. This is the first center in the region to use a communications compression system that transmits surveillance video in real time instead of choppy images that are often generated by security cameras.

Representing the most advanced surveillance system that IntraLogic Solutions has built to date, Brookhaven’s new communications center has access to over 350 cameras in the town’s parks, senior centers and other facilities, along with a pair of drone cameras. All cameras and others to be added to the system assist officials with monitoring activity ranging from criminal acts to weather events as they take place in real time. The dispatch center is now enhanced with a full wall of video feeds that simultaneously show countless images from parks, recreation centers, beaches and other locations. Each video screen’s high-resolution images can be enlarged to span several screens, allowing dispatchers to zero in on more specific locations. Additionally, every town vehicle is equipped with GPS devices, allowing for easy tracking of emergency response efforts. Vehicles with GPS include snow plows, bay constable boats, and public safety cruisers, whose locations are displayed via a map of the town, which makes dispatching more rapid during both day-to-day operations and during crisis situations.

“Security for municipalities and schools is essential as leaders, first responders and school officials face increasing threats and the need to react quickly,” said Lee Mandel, CEO of IntraLogic Solutions. “Video cameras, monitoring and tracking that are part of this system enhance public safety and response times. We are seeing schools and municipalities across the nation implementing new and more sophisticated security technology like the one we installed for Brookhaven. This advanced communications center is a model for others to examine and learn from.”