Axis Communications’ seventh generation chipset, ARTPEC 7, further improves all the signature Axis technologies that have been created to address difficult light conditions. For example, Lightfinder 2.0 will deliver more saturated and realistic colors in low light, along with the sharpest images of moving objects even in the darkest areas. Forensic WDR will provide clearer images of moving objects as well as enhanced detail in backlit scenes, or scenes with big differences between the lightest and darkest areas. ARTPEC 7 enables “built-in” security features for Axis cameras, including signed firmware so only secure authorized firmware can be installed, and secure boot, which prevents booting of unauthorized firmware. Users can choose between H.264 and H.265 video encoding, depending on what best suits their system and surveillance needs. Also, this chip features a real-time object detection engine that will make it possible for Axis and Axis partners to develop powerful analytics.

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