When a threat is seen on the grounds or in a building, a user opens the Hedge Tactical app on their phone and hits the threat alert button. Instantly, everyone else’s phone in the building is activated with an alert tone. At the same time, the phones of all police in the area fire off the alert. The floorplan of the building the shooter is in pops up on everyone’s screen. The location of the shooter is noted by a red dot that moves through the building marking his location at all times. This is accomplished by a command center moving the location of the shooter by using the activated cameras inside the building. The system also has a mass notification feature that administration can use to let all of the occupants in the building know when the situation is over, when it’s safe to come out and where to meet up for reunification. The app has geo-fencing and features for medical emergencies as well as a “needs assistance” feature.

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