Farpointe Data’s Conekt mobile smartphone access control identification solution now integrates advantages that Apple iOS 12 delivers, such as 3-D touch, Widget and Auto-Unlock, into the Conekt Wallet app, version 1.1.0. For instance, the widget lets the user make up to three mobile access control credentials as widgets, allowing quicker access to credentials supporting divergent building systems such as payroll, parking and cafeteria systems, directly from the smartphone’s home screen. With 3-D Touch, a new pressure-sensitive feature, the user simply pushes on the Wallet app to select from up to three of the most commonly used mobile credentials. Each user can choose his or her own combination. Lastly, Auto-Unlock lets users select a MAC as their favorite. Once designated, a little star appears in the upper right corner of the mobile access credential. As the favorite, it is transmitted immediately whenever the Wallet app is selected.

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