Look around and you will see a plethora of brands offering smart devices. There are well-known companies participating in the Internet of Things, along with many new players and start-ups promoting the latest and greatest connected smart gadget they believe will take over the world. How do you decide what to promote, and how do you spread the word?

The bottom line is it’s no longer about the product’s brand. In today’s competitive world, the installation company is the brand

With the deluge of smart products and services, many security installation companies are reinventing themselves as the go-to resource for connectivity and integrated technologies. This requires the use of many different products and services. Expanding from security basics — protection, detection and monitoring — businesses are diversifying to include video surveillance, automation, smart control, notification, off-site access, remote management and integrated control. To not become obsolete, some sort of diversification or expansion must happen, and your recognition as a trusted partner will contribute to success.

In today’s personal social media world, people distribute “selfie” snapshots to share what they’re up to at the moment. Why not take the selfie concept into the business world to get the word out about the new and improved version of your company? Think of it as active endorsements and promotions of your company with selfie shots of your company. Now is the time to look your finest and show your company at its best. Present to the world your enhanced and re-invented company with a consistent story that includes identity, products, services and key differentiators.

Business identity embraces both visual and descriptive information. Build a brand with a unique persona. On the visual side, use a logo, unique colors, fonts and a tag line. On the descriptive side, identify your firm’s people, products, services and culture/beliefs. Share the firm’s purpose, expanded offerings, commitment and vision. Document categories of new systems, products and services offered. When identifying products and services, include systems offered: whole-house music, home theater, networking, lighting control, security and life safety or easy-to-use control integration — and share manufacturers. Services can include design, installation, documentation, ongoing maintenance and support.

List five key differentiators or strengths that build credibility and make your brand stand out from the competition. Perhaps your firm’s procedures and documentation outshine anyone else in the business, or client satisfaction is the highest when compared to others, or everyone on your technical team is educated, certified and touts advanced skills and years of experience.

Use this information in everything you do: collateral, website, marketing, presentations, documentation and communications. Be recognized as a brand in your current and prospective customers’ minds. Gather all of this information, along with photos of installations, in one directory or on one page, and make it readily available. It’s easy to support marketing efforts with consistent messaging. Pull snippets to create/share business selfies that will get the views you deserve.

Please share your business selfies with me on Twitter @bedrocklearning. Also, consider using an app to share your company’s latest projects and activities in business selfies. Check out www.hootsuite.com