uniVerse Series single-door controllers, from Continental Access, a division of Napco Security Technologies Inc., feature EZ-learn networking and are available in a surface mount version, model CICP2100S. Ideal for cinder block walls and other hard-to-wire surfaces often found in the construction of schools, healthcare facilities and other institutions, and used in a CA4K enterprise access control software environment, the CICP2100S PoE controller, with locking metal enclosure, supports two ID readers and/or one low current strike via PoE. Up to 14 uniVerse controllers can be networked together or intermixed with Continental’s conventional, two- to 16-door SuperTwo or Accelaterm controllers, and/or integrated with Trilogy Networx wireless PIN/Prox access control locks. Compact but value packed, uniVerse series supports 200K cards and features a super fast 54MHz RISC processor, 4MB on-board memory, a 1,000 transaction buffer (expandable to 10,000), 256 time schedules, 30,000 access groups and 5 x100 holidays.

Continental Access | http://www.cicaccess.com