Test your Door Control knowledge with the following quiz.

All answers may be found in NFPA 4.

1. How many ways can a door be “handed”?
A. 1
B. 2
C. 4
D. 8
2. A door equipped with a mag lock must have _________.
A. an electric hinge
B. a door contact
C. a keyed release
D. a request-to-exit button
3. The UL Standard for Fire Tests of Door Assemblies is _______
A. 10A
B. 10B
C. 10C
D. 10D
4. A door strike that is unlocked when power fails is considered __________
A. faulty
B. fail safe
C. fail secure
D. fire safe
5. If you are standing outside of a door and the hinges are on the left, handle on the right, and the door opens out, it is said to be ___________.
A. left handed
B. left handed reverse
C. right handed 
D. right handed reverse
6. A mortise lock has a thumbscrew deadbolt release.
A. True
B. False
7. The long rod that connects handles and knobs through the door and the mortise lock body is the _________.
A. through spindle
B. lock body
C. strike plate
D. escutcheon
8. These parts fasten on either side of the door to finish the lock installation.
A. Faceplate
B. Trim plate
C. Escutcheon
D. Throttle body
9. The type of lock that is affixed to the surface of a door is called a ___________ lock.
A. rim
B. mortise 
C. cylindrical
D. lever
10. What type of lock is used when boring two holes through a door?
A. Mortise lock
B. Rim lock
C. Padlock
D. Cylindrical lock
11. To be ADA compliant the operational component of a lock must be ___________ above the finished floor (AFF).
A. 48 to 54 in.
B. 32 to 36 in.
C. 34 to 48 in.
D. 36 to 48 in
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Bonus Questions

Identify the handing of each door depicted here.

SDM 11-19 Quiz Door Handing-Q

Click here to see the answer.

The handing of each door is shown in the illustration here.

SDM 11-19 Quiz Door Handing-Q