DIY security provider Ring today announced its new Control Center alongside six new products at CES 2020 that further expand its whole-home security lineup, enabling users to have more control of their devices and security.

“Ring enters 2020 with a robust lineup of security devices, and we will continue to focus on innovating new products while enhancing our customers’ experiences especially around privacy and user control,” said Jamie Siminoff, Ring founder and chief inventor. “This is why we’re releasing a dedicated section of the Ring mobile app called Control Center where users can view and control their privacy and security settings. And with the launch of new Ring Access Controller Pro and new Ring Smart Lighting devices, we’re excited to offer our customers over 50 different products they can choose from to build their custom, whole-home security system.”

The new Control Center, expected to come to the Ring mobile app later this month, will initially enable Ring users to see and manage their connected mobile, desktop and tablet devices, third-party services, as well as enable customers to opt out of receiving video requests in areas where local police have joined the Neighbors app. Future versions of the Control Center will provide users the ability to easily view and control other privacy and security settings right from the Ring app. After facing a lawsuit regarding privacy issues last week, Ring says the new Control Center will provide customers with more visibility into how their data is kept secure and private by Ring.