Today’s secure access technologies typically require users to enter a code on a keypad, present a badge, fob or phone to a reader, or place a finger on a scanner to enter a secured area. With the growing use of smartphones for mobile access plus UWB technology in place, a user can simply approach a door and opens it automatically — all without additional intervention or any intentional action from the user. The door automatically locks when the user is on the outside of the designated secure area.

Access control systems that leverage the power of UWB technology will monitor the user’s approach, seamlessly verify their security credentials, and allow them to access secured areas, enabling completely frictionless yet secure entry and exit.

HID Global, co-founding member of the FiRa Consortium, along with fellow co-founding consortium members Samsung and NXP, will showcase UWB technology's unique ability to deliver a secure and more seamless physical access control experience this week at CES 2020 in Las Vegas.

Hands-on demonstrations that reveal how UWB technology provides complete freedom of movement to transform how users engage with smarter, more connected buildings with their smartphone. CES attendees will walk through the same experience they can enjoy with automobiles, where no intentional gesture or action is required to authenticate or gain authorized entry. To access a building door or entry, the user only needs to have their smartphone (containing the necessary digital key) in their pocket or bag and the door simply unlocks and locks based on user’s access rights.

See it this week at Samsung Booth (#15006) and NXP Booth (CP-18) at the Las Vegas Convention Center

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