Paxton has announced the integration of its networked access control system, Net2, with Hanwha Techwin’s newest video management system, Wisenet WAVE. The integration means Net2 users are able to instantly view event-driven video captured by high-definition IP network cameras connected to Wisenet WAVE. 

Available via a free Net2 plug-in, the integration also allows users to visually verify anyone attempting to gain access to a site, as well as provide video verification of alarm incidents from within the Net2 Client software. 

The plug-in simplifies the process of integrating the two systems and offers an improved graphical user interface (GUI), offering live, replay and exporting of associated video surveillance cameras directly in the Net2 Client application. The plug-in supports Net2 versions 5 and 6 and is available from Hanwha Techwin’s Technical Support free of charge. 

“We put our core values of simplicity and quality at the heart of everything we do, to provide our customers with a world-class service,” said Gareth O’Hara, Paxton’s chief sales officer. “It’s a pleasure to work with Hanwha Techwin, who share our values of providing a simple yet powerful user experience. This integration offers customers an enhanced functionality, so they can get even more out of our market-leading Net2 system.”

Uri Guterman, head of product and marketing for Hanwha Techwin Europe, said: “Wisenet solutions are now regularly being specified alongside Net2 and we believe, therefore, that this integration offers real life practical benefits to users who wish to take full advantage of their IP network-based access control and video surveillance systems.”

Visit www.Paxton.Info/5111 for more information.