Ocean Blue Car Wash, Prescott Valley, Ariz., has deployed or is upgrading to 3xLOGIC 32 4MP-camera video surveillance systems at four of its locations to date. DC Pro Systems is the integrator of record as it continues to install and maintain a growing number of Ocean Blue locations.

As one of the state’s first Express Car Wash concepts, the owners of Ocean Blue Car Wash have put to use their 15 years of experience to create a new standard in car washing. The Ocean Blue experience is known for consistency and a reliable standard of service. Customers receive the same safe, quality car wash every visit.

“We are standardizing on the same robust 3xLOGIC video surveillance system at each of our locations,” said Alexander J. Lazar, owner and general manager, Ocean Blue Car Wash. Thus far, four Ocean Blue locations have each deployed, or will soon finish deploying, 3xLOGIC V7000 NVRs and 32 V-Series 4MP dome cameras. “We really like Shane Hepola and DC Pro Systems. He brought us the 3xLOGIC technology, and I trust him and the quality job they do.”

Ocean Blue does both on-site and remote monitoring of video, as well as after-incident investigations. At this time, the company is expanding to a fifth location, there are plans to build another, and by end of 2020 there will be six Ocean Blue locations. All six will have the same robust, high-functioning 3xLOGIC video surveillance, installed by DC Pro Systems.

“Any story you can imagine from the customer, we’ve experienced it, including slip and fall claims,” Lazar said “We need that 4 MP resolution; it keeps our employees honest and it also deters potential robberies. Our multiple cameras provide so many interior and exterior views that we capture a lot of the surrounding properties and highway, so we can be an asset to law enforcement when needed.”

An interesting add-on feature for Ocean Blue is a 3rd-party software app that takes footage from the 3xLOGIC cameras to determine spacing between the cars during the wash process. If two cars come within a certain number of feet from each other, the line shuts down automatically. Another improvement Lazar and Hepola are discussing is to implement 3xLOGIC VIGIL Central Management (VCM). VCM is a health monitoring software component of the VIGIL video management system that alerts either DC Pro or Ocean Blue to any malfunctions on the network before such developments create a problem.

“The system is very user friendly,” Lazar said. “Basically, we’re trying to kill all the blind spots on the property, and I use the video for training purposes, too. We’ve got monitors in our offices and in the customer areas. That’s telling my customers we’re watching everything, and their cars are safe; and it’s keeping my employees doing great work.”