Vector Security Inc., a provider of intelligent mobile security and home automation solutions to homes and businesses, along with its Nashville-based ADS Security division, announced that Patrick Ritter will rejoin ADS as corporate chief of staff.

In his new role, Ritter is responsible for ADS human resources, IT, acquisitions and customer support. He also leads the integration process working with leaders from Vector Security and ADS, as they evaluate the processes and systems that will take the company into the future. He reports to Vector Security CEO Pamela J. Petrow.

Ritter was with ADS Security from 2005 to 2019, most recently serving as CFO of the Nashville-based company. He rejoins ADS from SMS Holdings.
“After being gone from ADS for a few months, I really missed the team and the special culture that we have at the company,” Ritter said. “The long and stable tenure of Vector Security in our industry and the partnership with the Vector Security leadership team is very exciting for me and I truly look forward to the future.”

Ritter’s transition comes along with the announcement that Ernie McDaniel will continue in his EVP/CAO/general counsel role leading the ADS finance and legal teams.

“We look forward to welcoming Patrick back to ADS Security and to the larger Vector Security leadership team as we continue to focus on growth internally and through acquisitions,” Petrow said.