Founded in 2017 by CEO Aaron Zhang, CTO Clark Chen and CMO Joe Tham, Simshine provides customized AI vision solutions, combining software and hardware, to companies in various industries. 

Seeing a huge gap in home security technology, Simshine opened up a new market segment in 2018, using AI vision to control home automation, and established SimCam in Shenzhen, China to make AI-enhanced home security cameras. Beyond security, Simshine’s mission is to use AI built into easy-to-use devices to automate all aspects of users’ busy home lives. 

And so SimCam, the first on-device AI camera, was introduced to the world in 2018, and won the CES 2019 Innovation Award. The brand’s latest incarnation, the SimCam 1S, was introduced at CES 2020 to great acclaim. 

What makes the SimCam different from its many competitors, is that it uses AI and edge computing to vastly improve the security in smart home devices by doing on-device processing rather than using the cloud. 
Videos are stored and processed locally on the device. Only the user can access the camera through the companion app; live videos are streamed directly to the user’s phone through a secured P2P network, instead of going through the cloud. 

All information, including account information like passwords, is stored locally and encrypted with bank-level AES-256 encryption.   

“Effectively, a hacker would have to come to your house and access the camera directly in order to hack it,” said Joe Tham, CMO. 

SimCam also features advanced facial recognition, object tracking, 360-degree tracking and local data storage on an SD card. In addition, since nothing is stored in the cloud, privacy is assured and there is no monthly subscription charged for storage. 

“While most competitors are just buying technology from other companies, we developed our AI algorithm ourselves,” Tham said. “Other cloud AI requires training over a period of time, which is not always reliable. Our AI is better at facial recognition and person detection in general. 

“The home security device market has suffered in the past year owing to stories of hacked cameras and doorbells. Certainly, people will continue to buy security cameras but they can’t have peace of mind if they are worried about video from their baby-cam being leaked onto the Internet . . . We designed the entire SimCam line to give consumers the peace of mind that their devices wouldn’t be hacked, along with state-of-the-art security features.”

The company’s new AI doorbell will be released in February, and the AI baby monitor in March. Simshine will also release an AI wire-free camera in Q2. 

“By enriching our product line, we aim to build a whole-home AI security camera system,” Tham said. “Later, there will be a new app that can control all the products.”

Simshine is also working on integrating its cameras with Samsung Smartthings and promoting the application of AI vision-driven home automation.