Aeroturn LLC, a leading turnstile manufacturer, announced that the company is currently manufacturing multiple types of ADA-compliant turnstile lanes for five different GSA sites on the Northeast, West and East coasts. Aeroturn is currently a national preferred manufacturer and installer of turnstiles for multiple federal and state agencies due to past and current performance.

eVigilant Security,  a nationwide security provider that specializes in physical and cyber security for government clients, chose Aeroturn products for the GSA sites due to their past relationship dating back to 2008. 

“Working with Aeroturn over the past decade has proven to be a powerful collaboration,” said David Einsig, vice president of sales at eVigilant. “We look forward to continuing our combined efforts to help keep government facilities safe and secure.”

As part of the bid process, Aeroturn provided drawings and renderings prior to being awarded the GSA contracts. Each GSA location has its own unique security safety requirements and needed a manufacturer who could adhere to the strict compliance guidelines. Aeroturn has performed recent site evaluations and investigations regarding infrastructure at the multiple GSA sites and will also assist with future security plans.