On Wednesday, March 18, the exhibit floor at ISC West will host a virtual demonstration of PLAI, the emerging industry specification for enhanced identity management. Together with eight partners in access control and biometrics, the Physical Security Interoperability Alliance (PSIA) has organized an in-person experience for participants relying on a single trusted source. 

Attendees will receive an access card to be used at their choice of seven sites and can experience first-hand the simplified interoperability that is offered through industry standards. Upon receiving successful access or authentication at the sites, the attendees qualify for a drawing.

“The PSIA recognized that we have an opportunity to provide a real world demonstration of PLAI on the ISC West show floor,” said David Bunzel, PSIA executive director. “Having seven access control and biometrics vendors sharing the same identity information, in a virtual environment, truly demonstrates the capabilities of PLAI in a commercial setting.”

PSIA began planning this event mid-2019 involving a group of eight partner companies. 

“We are excited to be part of the PLAI Experience, as it effectively demonstrates how a SiPass integrated PACS can share identity data in a multi-PACS environment," said Rich Reidy, security segment head for Siemens Smart Infrastructure. "Many of our customers prefer to be able to align to one trusted source within their security ecosystem. PLAI’s solution provides the answer to this by making a company’s security environment more robust and reliable.” 

Security industry professionals attending ISC West are able to register online for the PLAI Experience up until March 16. People who are not able to register in advance can do so on the show floor, further demonstrating interoperability across multiple sites through PLAI.