Alcatraz AI, developer of secure frictionless access control products, will unveil the new Alcatraz Rock 3D Facial Authentication Platform at ISC West Booth #13127. Alcatraz representatives will also be in the Johnson Controls ISC West Booth #20005, the Boon Edam Booth #8037 and STANLEY Security's Pacom Systems Booth #23067 during the show.

Developed by the same Apple engineers involved in the FaceID project, Alcatraz Rock brings secure facial authentication and AI to physical security with the intention to replace or augment access control badges in single-factor or dual-factor modes, in many cases eliminating the need for turnstiles and guards. The Rock prevents common access control problems like tailgating and piggybacking by recognizing the attempt and immediately alerting of it.

“The unbelievable popularity of face identification use in smartphones has created a demand for the same technology to be used in other applications,” said Alcatraz AI Founder and CEO Vince Gaydarzhiev. “We started Alcatraz AI to bring facial authentication to the access control market because it provides a more secure way to provide access control as well as an opportunity for frictionless access and improved flow. The Rock’s newest features — that help prevent common access control problems like tailgating — deliver an even more powerful security solution and enhance overall physical access control." 

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