With the IDIS Center VMS organizations can build powerful centralized monitoring solutions quickly and easily when implementing IDIS Center together with the wide selection of IDIS DirectIP cameras and powerful NVRs. These deliver customer lifecycle savings of 50 percent or more compared with server-based solutions, thanks to reduced installation time, no upfront or ongoing license fees, easier maintenance and the IDIS ultimate warranty, the company described. The cost-free, license-free VMS includes MapVue, an easy-to-use search function that speeds up operator navigation across building layouts and floor plans. Users can view live and play back video streams across multi-camera systems while maintaining an overview perspective of their facilities’ layouts and camera positions. The new range of IDIS 6000 Series Edge VA cameras feature instant meta filtering capabilities without any licensing or maintenance fees. IMF speeds up incident investigations from days or hours to minutes, allowing operators to easily collate footage and scan hours of recorded video from multiple streams to pinpoint the movements and last-known locations of persons or vehicles of interest.

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