The LINQ8ACM dual-voltage access power controller with LINQ network power management facilitates a wide range of locking devices while providing network monitoring, reporting and control of eight independently controlled fuse or PTC protected access control outputs. For instant on-site verification, the LINQ8ACM is equipped with bi-color LEDs which indicate 12 or 24VDC on each of the eight outputs. The solution distributes power to a variety of access control devices, including magnetic locks and electric strikes, while providing critical diagnostics and management capabilities via its onboard network communications. Additional features include: emergency input trigger enabling egress and alarm monitoring; a disconnect feature that is individually selectable for any or all of the eight outputs; spade connectors to daisy-chain multiple modules for larger system applications; and protection using PTCs or automotive style fuses. The eight trigger inputs isolate power from the access controllers providing further system protection. When combined with the Altronix VR6 voltage regulator, the LINQ8ACM provides the ability to select different voltages for multiple outputs from a single power source. 

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