LifeSafety Power announced an integration between its NetLink network communication device and Genetec Security Center unified management software platform for IP devices.

NetLink is designed for users to remotely monitor, control, program and report on system power and connected devices. It features patented battery management that includes health reporting, remote battery testing, email/SNMP alerts and other proactive notifications. With this integration, users can add NetLink devices into the Genetec platform, allowing real-time NetLink alerts to appear directly within the interface.  From Security Center, users may also connect to the NetLink home page to receive detailed data on the health and viability of power, connected locks and other devices.

LifeSafety Power’s NetLink modules are added to Security Center using the LSPEntity software package available for download on LifeSafety Power’s website. Once installed, LSPEntity allows the user to add one or more NetLink devices as entities. Security Center then uses SNMP trap messages to receive NetLink status changes to generate events within the interface. Licenses for LSPEntity to use with Security Center are provided by Genetec.