Genetec Inc., a provider of unified security, public safety, operations and business intelligence solutions, announced that Firmware Vault, a firmware update service developed by an open architecture VMS vendor, now supports cameras from Axis, Bosch and Panasonic in addition to existing support for Hanwha Techwin cameras. Designed to help IT administrators and systems integrators stay up to date with the latest camera firmware, Firmware Vault helps organizations ensure they have the latest protection from the manufacturer against cyber threats.

Outdated camera firmware presents one of the biggest weaknesses in cybersecurity defense. But for many security administrators, keeping pace with the latest updates can be very time-consuming. According to recent research conducted by Genetec, 68.4%­ — or almost 7 out of 10 — cameras are currently running out-of-date firmware.

Firmware Vault streamlines the camera firmware update process so that customers can implement the latest cybersecurity protection measures as soon as they become available, a crucial step in ensuring their organization’s resilience against cyber attacks. Firmware Vault is available free of charge with Security Center version 5.8. and above.

“Ensuring that you are running the latest version of your cameras’ firmware can be tricky and time-consuming. Yet, when the firmware on a single video surveillance camera is out of date, your entire IT network can be at risk of a cyber attack. Firmware Vault makes it easy to keep on top of the firmware update process,” said Mathieu Chevalier, lead security architect at Genetec.

The Firmware Vault feature relies on the same secure cloud-based locker used by the Genetec Update Service to provide access to Windows and Security Center updates. When new camera firmware is available, system administrators are notified in the Security Center Config Tool. This allows them to track and download new firmware packages and the latest manufacturer cybersecurity protection measures for the connected cameras in a matter of minutes. The Firmware Vault allows users to have a unified view of all cameras and their update status so that they can take corrective action more quickly and efficiently.

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