The NetLink NLX network communication module is a remote monitoring device engineered to handle enterprise applications and specifications that require large numbers of network-managed outputs. Expanding the NetLink family, NLX is the next generation of network communications from LifeSafety Power, offering eight Serial Peripheral Interface ports instead of four in the NL4, allowing users to connect up to eight local devices. NLX also adds RS-485 communication, which is compatible with Generation 2 FPO and M8 boards with the optional RS-485 module installed. This allows connection of up to 16 additional remote devices across the enterprise for a total of 24 devices — up to 192 managed outputs — all from a single network drop. NLX reduces network drops, wiring and hardware required for remote monitoring. Previously, multiple power enclosures each required separate network drops. With NLX, multiple power enclosures can run off a single network drop. NetLink is designed for users to monitor, control, program and report on system power and connected devices. It features patented battery management that includes health reporting, remote battery testing, email/SNMP alerts and other proactive notifications.

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